Piblokto - Television Killed The Eskimo

Owain Paciuszko 16/05/2010

Rating: 4/5

Heavy, dirty drums kick off lead track Greed Nation, and they're swiftly joined by the duel bass guitars of this self-confessed 'bass driven' Newport four piece. Lead singer Hadleigh Banfield's vocal is soft and considered, akin to fellow Waleians Them Squirrels but when the track explodes into - somewhat more conventional - guitar territory come the end, his voice matches admirably.

Vacant Vessel has a stalling riff that reminds of Future of the Left, whilst Hadleigh's vocal draws closer to Jeff Buckley and Morrissey's love-child. Drummer Adam Watt throws in some neat percussive flourishes in the song's bridges, livening up this straight-forward 80s alternative-sounding rock number. Closing track Channel 3's Dark Age City begins with slow tentative guitar and quiet, splashing cymbals. It begins and ascending cycle, Hadleigh's vocals repeating as the track grows with spine-tingling anticipation. As he thoughtfully sings; 'I have the urge to burn down this dark age city.' the track recalls (a tad aptly) Burn by The Cure, and it climaxes in a mild rage to similar effect.

I don't know how aware people are, but Wales produces great bands as if it were a factory designed for the very purpose. Piblokto are a strong rock group, who on the strength of this debut EP could be another one to add to Wale's very long list of quality music.