Fall Out Boy - Sixteen Candles

James McDonald 03/07/2006

Rating: 1/5

Okay, you know the drill. Fall Out Boy write insanely catchy, emotional music which is lapped up by a 'certain' crowd in modern music's society. “16 Candles” is the third release from “Under The Cork Tree”, an album which I'll admit, I don't have in my CD collection. This is partially due to the juxtaposition it would have next to my Kill Keneda and Copperpot Journals records, but mainly because, and I may be alone in thinking this, every FOB release to date has sounded pretty much the same.

I say 'pretty much', because “16 Candles” is probably the weakest of the trilogy, and in a time when it seems originality in music is being snuffed out by the corporate dollar, I find it hard to accept this kind of band. There's nothing wrong with having a wide audience of fans, or indeed making money from your music, but if that's your aim as a band then surely you're missing the point, and on listening to “16 Candles” it becomes apparent that this is the problem with Fall Out Boy.

That and their cock-knob of a bass player.

But let's face it, you've already heard this song countless times on the radio, and on Kerrang! TV, so anything I say is likely to make no difference whatsoever to your opinion. If you like it then that's fine, more power to ya', but to be frankly honest, if you do then you're part of the problem, and no one likes a troublemaker.