King Creosote - Flicking the Vs

Joe Clark 18/05/2009

Rating: 4/5

There was a rumour that KC's latest saw him heading off further into more bleep-laden territory, but I'm personally happy to report that this isn't really the case. While there's the odd electronic flourish here (synthy intro to opening track 'No one had it better') and there (a bagpipes 'n' beats coda to 'Two frocks at a wedding') it's mostly heartbroken folk rock business as usual.

After the first couple of warm up laments, it's 'Camels swapped for wives' where everything falls into place. 'I'll help you through this' sings our hero, and you begin to realise that if us broken souls stick together, we might just pull through. 'Fell like an Ox' employs an electronic 'woomp' as the songs heartbeat, before first single proper 'Coast on by' blows the doors off with it's belting chorus. Pre-release download 'Rims' is another stand out with it's skittering rhythm, while closer 'Circular Saw Prowess' builds as it's title suggests, the melody burying itself in your noggin as the song turns round and round.

Like other small acts of defiance, 'Flicking the Vs' will make you feel a whole lot better.