The Automatic - Steve McQueen

Alex Skinner 26/08/2008

Rating: 2/5

First impressions suggest the local lads have overcooked their goose with a plumply-packaged single that seems set for an American audience. The young Cowbridge chaps are looking a little uncomfortable in their new sound and gear. Maybe being primed and trimmed for mainstream success is dwindling their minds? They follow the same production footsteps as Fall Out Boy and Hot Hot Heat (Butch Walker) thus there's a definite heavier, more aggressive sound to 'Steve McQueen.'

The single 'Steve McQueen' is released 18th August, spouting a more 'grown up' sound, let's hope their charm is not lost in the album 'This Is A Fix' released this Monday.

'Steve McQueen' is out now. 'This is a Fix' was released 25th August 2008.