Wintermute - Fun with Wizard Stencils – EP

Chris Lowe 07/06/2008

Rating: 4/5

The best bit about Wintermute is seeing them live. In the past I've seen them, gone home pissed, looked for a myspace page with the tunes on and then vomited a bit from the quality of the recordings (and being full of vodka). So when this EP arrived naturally I feared for the worst. It's great when you get proved wrong (sometimes). The collection of songs, which make this EP are some of the best fucking mathematician pop rock hits I have heard in a bloody age. The whole record smacks of timelessly amazing guitar work. The production of the all the parts is so smooth you could waterslide down this record with a smile of utter joy on your face. I smell the work of glory recording tycoon 'James Kenosha' (well,…it said that on the press release) who works with the likes of Grammatics & This Et Al and now this lovely bunch. He really has done them justice but so have they with some of the catchiest tunes they have written to date. Highlights are 'Jambon! Jambon!' & “Dead Or Not He Was Wearing Sunglasses” but to be honest its all thumbs up really. I was going to mention Foals but to be perfectly honest they piss all over them from a very high building……….in fact from a satellite circling the earth. But this and then play it to you mates and I gurantee they will say 'Who are these guys? They sound quite good'. Its one of them. Honest.