Creed - Full Circle

Craig Broad 12/11/2009

Rating: 2/5

Creed, a band that sold an estimated 35 million records worldwide and a band that I loved as a teenager are back eight years after the release of their last album 'Weathered' with their suitably titled new album 'Full Circle', out via Virgin Records on November 2nd.

Is it just me that thinks that the reunion in general seems a tad strange for Creed? Not only did it seemingly come from thin air but the animosity between Scott Stapp and his former bands seemed at such a negative height at one point, that it looked they would never ever speak favourably together again, let alone allow themselves to create music in a room together. Also, between Alter Bridge and Stapps solo music, you could argue that there wasn't a large amount of time for anything Creed orientated either, especially for the members of Alter Bridge who seemed to go from strength to strength gaining more fans and superlatives with each release.

So are Creed really needed in todays music world, would fans rather look back than hear new material, are they past it? All these questions arise as you slip 'Full Circle' into the CD drive and listen as it flicks into life.

Firstly, this is probably the heaviest that Creed have been. You can hear it on the opening track 'Overcome', 'Bread Of Shame' and also on the riff heavy 'Fear'. On the other side of things, it is also full of heartfelt sentiments of relationships gone wrong, mostly through 'Away In Silence' while 'Ran' shows the predictable single writing side of them. The problem is, that we've generally heard this all before, a predictable quiet loud verse chorus dynamic followed by a guitar friendly bridge, there is obvious talent within Creed, Tremonti is an amazing guitarist, while the bassist and drummer drive the song as the southern styling of Stapps vocals give Creed their most originality. 'Human Clay' spawned 'With Arms Wide Open' and 'Weathered' had the memorable 'My Sacrifice', there aren't many moments on 'Full Circle' that I can imagine a fan listening back to eight years after and still knowing the lyrics. Even new single 'Overcome' falls flat when compared to previous material, which is often the price exceptionally successful bands pay when they release new work.

Ultimately, 'Full Circle' is an album that didn't really need to be recorded, it just proves that Creed haven't really been able to move on from the sound that made them popular and with eight years between this album and the last, there should be something really amazing to show for it. That aside, if you love all things Creed and your music taste hasn't developed in eight years, then you'll like this but at the same time, you'd probably find something more fulfilling from Alter Bridge or an older Creed record.

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