Elbow - The Bones of You

Matt Harrold 03/10/2008

Rating: 4.5/5

Ah, another single? It much be time to cash in on the Mercury prize award! Not that we here at GIITTV are a cynical bunch (it does help - Ed). Well maybe, but even if you think Elbow didn't deserve to win for the 'The Seldom Seen Kid' they certainly deserved it for their overall body of work in all its indie hybrid neon prog. In fact you could even say they earnt it, having toiled away as a cult band for many a year. They've paid their dues and too right they deserve to have some commercial success at last, for they are one of Britain's best kept beautiful secrets.

'The Bones Of You' might not be as catchy as the lead off single 'Grouds of Divorce' but it does show off the more playful, etheral side of Elbow, anchored down with a depth charge bassline whilst the choral chorus sings into a flurry of bandito guitar flurries. It's the acceptable side of prog, where songs don't last into the hours and the guitar peddles don't own songs, but weave amongst them to add a touch of silken gossamer where needs be. For what it lacks in open catchiness it makes up for in the sheer wonder that such a song could be considered as a single release.

Here's hoping for a top ten hit.

Release date: 29/09/08