Metric - Help I'm Alive

Simon Jay Catling 23/03/2009

Rating: 4/5

Emily Haines may have released a solo album back in 2006 but its new Metric material that everyone's been slavering for since 2005's superlative debut LP Live It Out. It's with great delight to report then that Help I'm Alive arrives as a delightfully on-form tantaliser for upcoming second album Fantasies.

Everything you'd want from Metric's here really; Haines ridiculously cool sounding vocals cut fine lines between walls of disco-floor filling guitar hooks and bludgeoning but effective percussion. Visceral bridges that build and build sit nicely aside immediate, poppy choruses and its all done with the Canadian's typical bite and energy. Whilst maybe not a huge leap forward for the group, it does suggest that the group's second album is set to be one hell of a dream listen.