The Beat Maras - Bat and The Astral Phoenix

Alex Skinner 18/08/2008

Rating: 1.5/5

In 1884 Cuthbert M. Bede once said: “I wouldn't give a blank for such a blank blank. I'm blank, if he doesn't look as if he'd swallowed a blank codfish.”

Sometimes nonsense is fun, other times it's in the same category as The Beat Maras.

After the sonic guitars flow in the opening track 'Blue Rock' then the wincing of pointless lyrics are added. 'Poseidon and The Tidal Wave' starts off with ripping guitar sounds and a fine beat then bangs on for far to long than it should, it is clearly 'not over yet'. Cripes!

The madness continues in 'My Basic Chemistry'. Starting like a Mighty Boosh song the thing is I think they are being serious!? Fear not as the song gradually picks up and mixes together like gin and tonic.

The lyrics throughout leave much to be desired. It is farcical in so many areas on a number of levels. If you look towards any song titles at random you will realise this. Heck, I mean the title itself you wonder what the hell is going on, 'Bat and The Astral Phoenix!?

If anything 'Fast Fading' tickles in with creeping guitar sounds them slams straight to 'Not To Last' that kicks up a notch in a faster pace. An injection of pace is certainly needed. That or having no lyrics would be better.

The Beat Maras haven't found their way. The problem is not necessarily the music, it is the hideously wayward lyrics, If this album was a colour it would be oatmeal

Release date: 18/08/08