Quadrafunk - Quadrafunk

Owain Paciuszko 04/08/2008

Rating: 3/5

Three track demo from funk-soul quartet from Northampton opens with a quite sumptuous little number that croons on about the sweet air of summertime over a laidback guitar; it's a perfectly pleasant kind of groover (nice diction Granddad) that seems designed to soundtrack a supermarket barbeque advert. It is a good song, but so perfectly sunshiningly carefree and standard that though there is nothing inparticular to complain about there is nothing to really wow.

Lead singer Sophie has a svelte vocal that dances nicely around the instrumentation, especially on even more laidback second track 'Better'. Track three - 'Our Paranoid Little Lives' - throws in some menacing seventies sounding guitars into the mix, before shifting gear back up to something a little lighter; it's the most original track on this demo and further showcases the band's pleasing nature. One imagines that live the jazzier aspects of their setup would have more of an impact, but, currently, on record, the songs here are a touch tame; though there's nothing wrong with them.