Paper Planes - Who Knows What

Owain Paciuszko 30/04/2010

Rating: 3/5

Squeaking frets and drip drip tapping are spontaneously joined by electronic drum beats on opener Fruit Loop, with its dry vocals and electro acoustic (acoustro?) sound it has a lazy late summer flavour akin to Jape via Newton Faulkner and is a pleasing start for this three track demo from Sheffield University buddies Kev Shirley and Tim Rutter. It builds to a rousing lo-fi chorus of the title as acoustic guitars and pounding processed drums clatter triumphantly.

There's a woozy quality to Up In Smoke which is about a failed attempt to impress someone, the vocal harmony of Shirley and Rutter blends beautifully into a hazy drawl with a down-to-earth charm to Shirley's simplistic lyrics. Meanwhile closing track Who Knows What throws some piano into the mix, courtesy of Rutter, and an alt-country swagger to the jaunty melody.

This is a pleasant and appealing demo from a promising duo, in the process of adding a live drummer to their fold.