New Young Pony Club - We Want To

Tiffany Daniels 30/05/2010

Rating: 3/5

One of the factors to promote New Young Pony Club to pin-studded, spirit-sipping, arse-licking fame is their talent for creating addictive and chart-friendly electro. Another is their knack for giving listeners a cardiac arrest without disturbing the perfect (a)symmetry of their hair. While 'We Want To' maintains aspects of the first strategy, the second is rather lacking.

The release is aided by five variations of the song, including a remix by The Horrors, who against all expectations last year produced a phenomenal second album. Unfortunately, that unprecedented flare does not reflect on this remix, which has all the creativity of a small child mucking around on a Casio keyboard. The NYPC Reprise and the Silver Columns Remix are as dull, and while the Kris Menace Remix at first appears hopeful, it soon follows a familiar decline into mediocrity. I've mentioned before how deeply unimpressed I am by 'variation filler', and this single does nothing to waver my opinion.

Of course, the important evaluation lies in the hands of the Radio Edit: upbeat and energetic, it doesn't disappoint, until one realises nothing in particular is going to happen. The highlight is undoubtedly the opening line of “oooo-ee-oooo, am I just about to loose my mind, it was fun for five minutes, but I preferred it when I had less time”. Yes, that insightful piece of poetry is the highlight - but hey, New Young Pony Club have never been credited for their lacklustre approach to lyricism.

The chorus immediately follows verses one and two, as you might expect, but it's relevant to point out such blatant structuralism when said chorus makes for the crux of the song, and the problem; it's highly repetitive, conceived and effortless in a negative, sounds-like-they-can't-be-bothered-anymore way - the words, “passion” and “need more” spring to mind.

Release Date: 31/05/2010