King Creosote - You Are Could I

James McDonald 20/09/2006

Rating: 1/5

'You Are Could I', the new release from the King, is a questionable one, which fails to shine and is, on the whole, a general letdown. This may sound harsh, but we all know that the Scot has the potential to deliver sparkling songs, however, none of the three on this EP lay claim to the fact.

Title track, 'You Are Could I' is Badly Drawn Boy in sheep's clothing, and a watered down version at that. A mediocre track at best (although worryingly the high point of the EP), it's lively but largely uninventive. Similarly lacking imagination is 'That Waltzer', a dreary and painfully lagging song which could've easily been dropped from the release, although that can generally be said about them all. Finally 'The Vice Like Gist Of It' is, ironically, a song you'll listen to and forget in the blink of an eye. It's another acoustic tale of some lost love, I think.

This all may sound terrible, but the EP was a hurtful disappointment to me, and I fear it will be to others if they choose to invest. If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right, and unfortunately judging by the material on 'You Are Could I', this EP was neither worth doing, nor done right.