Frank Turner - Photosynthesis

Max Flintoff 24/02/2008

Rating: 4/5

I've been a great fan of Frank Turner since I first saw him playing live supporting Biffy Clyro in Portsmouth and I've gone away from that gig left feeling that he outshined both of the other bands who played, and they are two of my favourite bands who I think are amazing live so that is really saying something. I bought his first album Sleep is for the Week that evening and it has been an almost permanent fixture in my CD player ever since so naturally I was excited about his forthcoming album Love Ire and Song.

The first single from this album Photosynthesis is everything that I've come to know and love about Frank Turner. It has a memorable chorus and it insults everything about modern British culture. It is after repeat listening however not as good as some of his other crowd-pleasing singles such as Thatcher Fucked the Kids and The Ballad of Me and my Friends. It does, like these other songs, manage to instil in us some of Frank's political/cultural views, this however I don't mind as I agree with him but it makes you wonder how easy it is for artists and bands to make you think like them.

Anyway, this track is very upbeat and thoroughly enjoyable and I personally cannot wait for March 31st and the new album as well as the following tour.