Rose Kemp - Violence

Bill Cummings 14/09/2006

Rating: 4/5

It's 2 a.m., the clock is ticking, the rhythm is pulsing, you're anxious, you can't think. Then all of a sudden the hypnotic verses rip you open and grab you by the heart; you can't breathe; repeated distorted guitar stabs at you, then a stop: the reeling silence as somebody hangs up the phone on you: vocals cower left vunerable, a backing that breaks into a broken waltz. The sound of rejection, the sound of an artist signalling her intent. Affecting, haunting vocals reminsicent of a young PJ Harvey stripped bare are woven over exciting, dynamic Bjork-esque rhythms. This is intensely personal, and highly accomplished. This is the sound of the immensely talented Bristolian Rose Kemp, and this is her first heartbreaking single "Violence." A superb beginning.

Released through One Little Indian on the 20th of September. Rose Kemp appears at the GITTCD launch night at Camden's Purple turtle on the 11th of October.