Dolly Rockers - Gold Digger

Nick Lewis 23/10/2009

Rating: 1/5

The Dolly Rockers are a major label's attempt at bringing the mass appeal (and equally massive record sales) of 90s pop music to an entirely more cynical generation. And, dare I say it, the older ironic generation.

From the gold printed cover to the glossy electro production this is a slick affair indeed, but with added Spice Girls/Shampoo “attitude” with allusions to Frank era Amy Winehouse (Fuck Me Pumps in particular). It's this gobbiness that is meant to appeal to all the people that are too cool for pop music but secure enough to admit that Girls Aloud do have some great tunes.

It's disgusting. Truly. It's a desperate, cynical attempt at replicating the success of pop acts of yesteryore, before guitars came back in and the internet fragmented the industry, but one that falls over itself trying to convince you that it's beyond that: this is post-ironic. “Refurb tits and stuck up nose” is one particular line delivered with a sickening self-satisfaction of rebellious poise that just doesn't convince against this major label sheen.

It is catchy, and it does have some great bass playing by some anonymous hero of the session world; but if you're not an 8 year old girl I doubt you'll find much to love.