Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing!

Tim Miller 03/06/2007

Rating: 4.5/5

Since, clearly, Los Campesinos! are going to be giant this summer, when they each finish university and are Canada-bound to record their debut LP, allow me to get my tenuous link in and stand on my I-heard-them-first soapbox.

By chance, one of their members happens to use a football forum that I have used for a long time also, and, many months ago, asked his fellow forumers to critique his up and coming band, bracing himself for all sorts of responses. Surprisingly (especially for that forum, let me tell you), much of the reaction was positive, but no one, at the time, could have predicted the hushed tones that now seem a prerequisite for speaking about that band, Los Campesinos!, as we move into summer 2007. Having since been signed by Wichita, Los Camps have had the time and money to rework a few of their songs and prepare for a worldwide assault. As such You! Me! Dancing! has changed slightly since I first heard it nearly a year ago, but its inherent charm and magically tender heart remains.

It takes a minute or so for the guitars to wake up and get up to speed, but once it begins properly this 6 minute track is a treat to behold. Chirpy “Ooh Oohs!” punctuate the verses, and sugar drips from the bow of the violin, its sweet melodies slipping unconsciously under your skin in the pre-choruses. Despite, however, a plea for it not to be known as “the glockenspiel song”, fear not, for that has held its own in the mix, twinkling like a pond in early morning sunlight, among fuzzy guitars and whistles, while the six of the band joins in to shout “It's you! It's Me! And there's Dancing!” during the jubilant chorus.

If this is the first you've heard of Los Campesinos!, it certainly won't be the last. Bagging a spot at Glasto, Lollapalooza and festivals in Spain and Canada, this six-piece are about to dominate the summer. Expect newspapers, television channels and webzines to be fawning over their delicate, melodic brand of indie, and all manner of birds and furry animals to adorn their shoulders and hop about their feet as they walk through summery fields of golden barley.

Actually, it's just pop music.

Released 4th June, 2007

Photo courtesy of Grace DeVille
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