The Black Kids - Hurricane Jane

Brent Owen 23/06/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

This is certainly the catchiest New Wave throwback song I've heard since The Killers broke with the imitable Hot Fuss album four years ago. The Black Kids have definitely embraced a sound that's transient and easily danceable right from the get go. Opening with rattling drums that start your hips swinging followed by synthesizer punches that send the song into a retro direction. While the keyboards offer the lead throughout the song, every note from the guitar sounds like a recycled riff from The Edge - at one point I'm almost positive they play a note for note “homage” to the U2 classic “Mysterious Ways.”

Vocalist Reggie Youngblood has a compelling and urgent voice - he's like some sort of musical cross-section for Robert Smith and Morrissey. He sings earnestly about being out at a club and meeting a woman that won't give him the time of day based on his reputation. The narrator isn't ashamed of his reputation though, he just wants her to accept the fact that he's young and out to have a good time. And while the song is fun and movable - the lyrics seem a bit too narrative-like for a dance track. If you're trying to dance then simplicity is the key. The longwinded lyrics seem more suitable for a throwback to mid-80's British Mope-Rock (a la The Smiths) rather than say...Flock of Seagulls, because musically its in the same postcode. But if you're not distracted by all of the lyrics, than you will certainly be moving to this song all night long.

Release date: 23/06/08