Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Paul Cook 05/11/2006

Rating: 5/5

For all its anticipation and prolific media build-up, Sacha Baron Cohen's feature film about his TV character of Borat Sagdiyev has experienced more success than anyone could have predicted. Infectiously funny with every hilarious gag followed by classic slapstick humour, Borat, in its shortest title form, is a future classic of the cult comedy genre.

Criticised by some for its offensive, racist, anti-Semitist and chauvinistic content, Borat balances closely on the thin line between success and failure. However, merged cleverly with jaw-achingly funny sketches, the combination of taboo and genius create a masterpiece of modern comedy. With so many instances of 'vintage Borat', Cohen's film is brilliantly attuned to the fans of the original whilst also managing to attract a whole new audience.

What must be understood about this film is its goal. Sacha Baron Cohen, as with all of his characters is trying to make a number of observations about today's world. The views which his character of Borat adopts are of course not his own, instead they are other people's - views which they would rather the audience not know. For example Borat sings at a Rodeo in Texas and shouts “We support your war of terror” to which the American crowd cheers and whoops. His point made.

Borat is a start to finish, non-stop roller-coaster of unforgettable comedy and pin-point sharp humour which will have you laughing (and sometimes crying) for weeks afterwards. The beauty of Borat is his ability to say and do what he likes, which achieves such unpredictable and unique results that the film is simply unmissable. Quality assured “You like.”