The Go! Team - Proof Of Youth

Ross Drummond 04/08/2007

Rating: 3/5

I think The Go! Team are a pretty cool band, culturally diverse, fun and very catchy. Live they shine like a pretty shiny thing, even better than that perhaps, they are truly amazing. On record, however, i have always had a bit of a love hate affair, and their newest effort 'Proof Of Youth' is really no different.

Everything I get in a Go! Team show is there, the layer upon layer of bass, beat and brass as well as the charismatic Ninja. But something is missing, in the ether there is something that seems to be added, it sounds purposely lo-fi, a layer of white noise added. But i wish there wasn't because on tracks like 'Doing it Right' where the sweet Kaori sings the best chorus this side of J-Pop all I'm given is banging drums and although it works, I just can't enjoy it quite as much when I hear it live.

Continuing through the album I was delighted to hear tracks that had been played at ATP vs the fans where i saw them just a few months ago, but it's just not the same, I get the same disappointment as i do at the newest Star Wars movies, it's not right. I decided to try something, i looked for a live recording to listen to see if it's a visual thing. No it's not. It's just a lot better live.

Wikipedia told me that the first album was recorded by Ian in his parents kitchen, but I want to tell the man that he's on Sub Pop now... live it up a bit! it's not a bad record, it's just not the same.

Buy this record and then go see The Go! Team live.