Various, The Wombats, Findlay Brown, It Hugs Back, Popular Workshop - The Best KIDS Christmas Album in the World. Ever, Ever, Ever!!!

Owen Stallings 04/12/2006

Rating: 3/5

You know when the Christmas silly season's officially upon us when the Yuletide compilations start falling through the letter-box. The first to arrive is the second instalment from the KIDS label, home at one time to iLiKETRAiNS and The Whip. One wonders what goes through the mind of artists who are asked to contribute to such festive malarkey. Do they just knock out a piss-take cover, craft a loving homage, or have a stab at something original?

All three apply to the KIDS compilation. But before turning the spotlight on the merits of the musical output, it should be noted that the profits from the sales of this compilation are all going to the NSPCC. So, it's a worthy venture in any event, regardless of whether the music's any good or not. Such collections usually are hit and miss at best, with the misses more than outnumbering the hits. And the KIDS collection is no different. But hey, there's plenty of choice here style-wise to at least throw up a gem to someone's ears.

Kids Christmas Album