Popular Workshop, The Far Cries - Sean/When Your Heart Spills, split 7

Mark L 25/08/2006

Rating: 4/5

Tigertrap ROCKS! Have you heard the amazing *Scanners* single yet? The poptastic *586*!? What about those screwed up *Tiny Masters of Today*? Well, you better get in there quick so you can say I WAS THERE FIRST!. Because Tigertrap has an awesome roster, and is taking the mantle from Fierce Panda, releasing solid gold one off classic indie singles from the most exciting indie talent around. AND they are doing it the best way, lovely edible limited edition VINYLS!! Like proper records!! mmmmm!! And most of them are already sold out. SO HAH! EBAY GOLDMINE!!! ahem..

Straight out of the blocks we have a split single, from *Popular Workshop* (Popshop) and the Far Cries.

Popshop have a member called Gypsy and got their nickname from heavy rotation in Top Shop. But don't hold that against them. Because 'Sean' is a magnificent slab of taut homo erotic (maybe?) moody indie pop rock.

With an awesome intro that starts off sounding like the 'Trail of Dead' at their very best, and then turns on a sixpence into a great little spiky pulsing 'Strokes' esque riff before the entrance gates finally open to some moody vocals, which, off the top of my head, are pretty hard to compare to anyone else. Bit of Robert Smith, bit of Kele Bloc party? Maybe Who knows. Pretty individual sounding. They turn into great yelps of 'Sean, I don't want your love!!' in the chorus and then cry out with an awesome yearning 'I know nothing at aaaaallllllllllll', with some very British style enunciation. Which is a good thing!! Atmospheric. Moody. Sounds like a classic band in the making.

Now the* Far Cries*. In the press release it says they have a drum machine. Bonus point. Then it says they have a drummer called Chris. Hmmm. Confusing. Minus point. So I suppose we are even then are we?

Yeah I think so. Anyhoo. The song. Well. Its a stomping track. Sort of a bit Arcade Fire, meets, er.. Wings. Yeah seriously. Some of the singing, especially the opening line of the chorus, sounds like Paul Mcartney has sneaked in to the studio to get himself on Tigertrap for some new found indie cred. Big up Paul. Because Wings trying to sound like indie popsters Seafood is a pretty tasty acid trip, without the nasty side effects in the morning.

So, a good time had by all. Now go buy, while I sit and dream of that Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jnr molotov cocktail of an *It Hugs Back* release!

Release date : 4th September 2006

You can order through Tigertrap Records