Ruarri Joseph - Tales Of Grime + Grit

Matt Clutton 01/08/2007

Rating: 4/5

Male solo artists that rely solely on their acoustic talents to reach
the masses have been few and far between in the last few years. Ruarri Joseph is one such talent that has emerged from the doom and gloom of the south west and reached the other side of the M4 with plenty to be proud of.

'Tales Of Grime + Grit' is a debut album that tells a story for Joseph from the early years through to his trials and tribulations in his struggle to where he has now landed. Influenced far and wide, Joseph's eclectic tastes have produced a sound that encompasses the fundamental pop/rock components but from track to track shows spells of jazz, soul and folk movements.

'Patience' drench in continental flair and mystery commences with a simplistic composition of acoustics, drums at four bar beats and a certain 'je ne sais quoi ?' With a striking quirky nature and individualism that car manufacturers Renault would be proud to associate themselves with, the track proceeds to bare fruit revealing a memorable melody that fits well.
'Blankets' tells of Joseph's path through life, his insecurities and
the means by which he overcame those troubled times we all have. With a remarkable resemblance to the format and sound of tracks by indie band Travis, and the usual rather appealing track inclusion of French Organ, Joseph endeavours to relate to the hearts and minds of us all.

'Tales Of Grime + Grit' the albums signature track, bucking the trend in general to the moods of the remaining tracks on the album, is a gritty affair. Moving away from the youthfully themed orientation of the albums acoustically clad, folksy songs of Joseph's life, ( notable examples being 'Baby Finn' and 'Infant Eyes' ), moody rhythm tic guitars strike out throughout the track lashed with a vocal from Joseph that tests the extremities of his vocal boundaries.

Vocally Ruarri Joseph hits all the right buttons from the albums start to its conclusion. Powerful, rich, emotive, and with real depth and gravitas, Joseph sits on a comparative tone and texture somewhere between the likes of fellow story tellers Cat Stevens and Paolo Nuttini. 'Tales Of Grime + Grit' is a finely worked debut album and something of which Joseph can be proud.

Released: 9th July 2007