Paramore - Crush Crush Crush

Duncan Bradley 06/12/2007

Rating: 4/5

Tennessee four-piece Paramore have recently enjoyed a stint on the American Warped Tour. Bands often come off the Warped Tour and decide to blast their catchy, cringe-worthy cacophony across the Atlantic at our helpless little island in the sea. We put up with it, perhaps are unfortunate enough to catch one of their support slots at our local venue, whatever. Paramore, however, have somehow set themselves apart.

Taken from the band's second album, 'Riot!', their latest single, 'Crushcrushcrush', captures an energy and maturity surprising given their age. Vocalist Hayley Williams has yet to turn nineteen but lacks no professionalism whatsoever. Paramore are a rare demonstration of young talent that, almost by default, allows relation to their songs for people of a similar age.

The teenage syncopation that plays cheekily behind Hayley Williams' stunning vocal patterns is quietly complex and creates an explosive chorus which is perfectly complimented by a punchy drum sound. Despite the catchy ups and downs of Hayley's emotive lyrical show, the complete sound is powerful and somewhat inspiring.

Ambitiously pushing their own depiction of an often abused 'teeny-punk rock' genre, Paramore are not easily compared with any other band at the moment. Hayley's voice brings a unique sound to an already outstanding musical platform set to take Britain by storm. They set out on a full UK tour early next year.

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