The Brownies - Means To An End

Matt Clutton 23/10/2007

Rating: 4/5

No, not the long established division of the Guides Association on a money raising event for charity but something quite different. Far from the desire of wanting to spend time earning merit badges, today's younger generation are more likely to be partying, consuming copious amounts of alcohol and getting in to fights, all elements of a classic Skins episode, something this band believe their music is representative of.

Compared to a young Blondie, The Brownies aim of supplying infectious, angst ridden, high energy songs is evident. With a wholly unique blend of punk/indie-rock tracks like 'Mean To An End' playing out riddled with the glamour, savagery and sexually charged energy of a Soho Dolls track and the edgy, contemporary sounds of Cajun Dance Party, their aim of total hedonistic fulfilment is assured.