Matthew Glenn Thompson - Ordinary Girl

Richard Wink 23/05/2010

Rating: 4/5

I think a lot of my scathing reviews come from resentment. I'm an Ordinary Boy (man?) and I live in an Ordinary World (Norwich). My looks are average; I'm probably a five or a low six on a scale of ten. Personality wise, I'm probably not that interesting. I have a sense of humour that grates. I know a lot of people find me annoying, and overbearing.

In a sense, I can relate to 'Ordinary Girl' - the subject matter of the song at least. Replace 'Boy' with 'Girl' and this track could almost have been written about me. With a deceptively simple melody and straight-forward lyrics, the song is hardly spectacular. Though it is remarkably catchy, as a listener of Radio 2 (only when I'm driving, because for some reason my car radio will only pick up Radio 2, so it's either that or the sound of my suspension brittley shaking) this kinda harmless fodder would be perfect for their mid-morning playlist.

I was originally going to pan this song, however after reading this interview, I've warmed to Matthew Glenn Thompson. He seems like a nice bloke. In a cut throat business niceness goes along way.

Release Date: 24/05/2010