Emmy The Great - We Almost Had A Baby

Charlie Ralph 01/12/2008

Rating: 4.5/5

We Almost Had A Baby is the gloriously sweet new single from anti-folk artist Emmy The Great, and is the lead single from the very-long-awaited album 'First Love', released next February. So, it is probably this release that is going to spark some 'Ones To Watch in '09' appearances for Emmy, but is this really a good thing? Is Emmy's music really something that is destined for mainstream success? Despite her fantastic lyrics and charming melodies, Emmy is unlikely to actually be the next big thing in music, whether she's deserving of it or not.

Nevertheless, We Almost Had A Baby is a single to be loved by everyone who happens to hear it, and while it is far from the best thing in this singer's incredible back catalogue of demos and live songs, it is a song with an addictive melody and surprisingly dark lyrics that deserves to be enjoyed over and over again. But when the NME come calling, and her popularity starts to pick up momentum, remember that underneath the hype is one of the best lyricist's to come out of Britain in a long time, who'll hopefully be making great music for years to come.

Release date: 10/11/08