Volume - Blind/Do The Knowledge

James McDonald 16/08/2006

Rating: 4/5

I've always found some of the strangest moments in life to be the ones where you experience something for the first time, but it seems so familiar, like you've always known it's existence. Volume's double A is an example of this. On first listen, this band slot automatically into that deserted hole in your music taste, like the missing piece to that jigsaw you found in the loft.

'Blind' is an intelligent electro-pop tale of self-implosion, with beautifully distorted lyrics ("Pain-killers for your friends/Words dressed in Emperor's clothes") combining with a rhythm that trips and splutters along; perfectly expressing the band's uncompromising level of understanding and ambition.

'Do The Knowledge' is the Jekyll of the release, discordant and brilliant, it may well be a different perspective on the band, but it's no less wonderful. Like a well-planned brawl in a central city pub, the song keeps you guessing and, ultimately humiliates you as you keep getting it wrong.

There is no watertight tag I could give this band, so I'll explain in the best way I can; Volume are a lot like cross-dressing. If you question it then you'll ruin the fun, so just go with it, and for God's sake, keep your legs closed! This release couldn't possibly provide more evidence to the fact that Volume are destined for big things.

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