The Article - Demo

Chris Helsby 18/02/2005

Rating: 3/5

The Article are from a small town in south Wales - the sort of place that has created some great bands over the last few decades. This is a six track demo sent out for 'promotion, gigs, reviews, airplay etc'.

To me, they sound like a mix of R.E.M and something heavier which could be anything between Thin Lizzy and the Wildhearts. The R.E.M comparisons are easy and true - the singer sounds like Michael Stipe did in the eighties; that strained voice wrapping itself around weird, abstract lyrics.

The backing is a bit more rock - there's plenty of lead guitar and riffing. Standout track is the closing one, called Nineteeneightyfour. Mad, double-tracked, Stipey Vocals and guitars that are punkier and looser than the rest of the demo. They've got a load of gigs booked around the south-west and Wales.

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