The Bronx - History's Stranglers

Liam McGrady 24/08/2006

Rating: 2/5

I've heard a lot about The Bronx; most of it leading me to believe that their forthcoming second album is going to be the be all and end all in terms of Punk Rock records this year. The L.A based four piece are also going to be playing the role of Black Flag (pre-Rollins) in the film 'What We Do Is Secret' - the story of The Germs. So it's with concern that I load 'History's Stranglers' into my stereo; I mean with all this praise The Bronx are going to be so thunderously heavy that every speaker cone daring to propel forth such a sound must have been utterly destroyed?

There's no doubting that Matt Caughthran's strained, gusty, growl, puts him right up there next to Rock's more potent, aggressive vocalists. It's the stodgy musical backing that leaves me in a state of disappointment. Pawing, nudging and needling rather than biting, kicking and punching, the main riff is not too dissimilar to Kasabian's recent 70's Rock influenced effort. Behind the howl of “Motherfucker I want your blood!” it's akin to the friends of a proper hard nut gingerly shouting naff insults while he charges head first into a ruckus.

Here's hoping that when the self titled album hits the shops on September 11th, there's some musical bite too match Caughthran's vicious bellowing.

Watch the videohere

'History's Stranglers' is released through Wichita Recordings on 4th September