Stinky Munchkins - Release the Lions/Bad Timing

Dan Round 06/08/2007

Rating: 2.5/5

This new double A-side single by disco'd Munchkins Dino Bardot, Daryl Doll and co. is a rather colourful affair. And that's just the artwork… as for the music, it's rather patchy. “Release The Lions” is all over the place. A truly uncountable number of tunes are blended into one, mashed up song - it could be OK, but it is so confusingly cut'n'pasted that it's embarrassingly messy.

The song stop-starts to the point of exhaustion, and despite some funky riffs, it really wouldn't do much in the way of getting people off their seats and dance in a party environment (which is clearly the aim). Follow-up “Bad Timing” is better.

Skatty guitars alongside intricate backing instrumentation, it is reminiscent of the first Rapture album with danceable grooves. However, while it is a decent light-hearted dance-pop song, fun and bouncy enough, it still sounds dated, in no way giving life to a tried and tested style of retro pop.

Average Munchkins, then.