Remi Nicole - Rock 'n' Roll

Paul Cook 05/12/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

With catchiness in abundance and lyrics so simple yet cleverly cynical of pop/urban and hip hop trash, Remi Nicole's latest single 'Rock 'n' Roll' shouts sassy, sexy indie-chick and with an acceptably husky voice and subtle accent (there's no Kate Nash or Lily Allen here) it doesn't grate or irritate until at least the tenth listening. With her debut album 'My Conscience and I' out now, Remi Nicole is likely to hit the charts this Christmas with her “bop to hip hop” style and punchy lyricism.

The instrumentals on the track are well layered and the riff is undeniably catchy too. You'll find yourself singing it after just one hearing and probably wanting to hear it again. On top of its refreshing, poppy sound, the song also has a quirky, comical video to boast. The critics may have picked up on her mixed race background but this makes her style and critique of urban culture all the more valid and believable. Being dubbed, “like Kate Nash…care-free pop with a brain” is probably a little harsh on Nicole as her music is arguably more creative and less O.T.T than the chart-topping Ms. Nash.

Look out for Remi Nicole's album as it will surely climb the chart ladder as tracks like 'Rock 'n' Roll' and 'Go. Mr Sunshine' get more air-play. All that one can hope for is that this is not just a novelty like Kate Nash and her music, not her accent lead the way.