Scissor Sisters - A Land of a Thousand Words

Matt Harrold 23/11/2006

Rating: 2/5

A 'Land of a Thousand Words'? More like a Song of a thousand clich├ęs. Kiss goodbye to the feel good fun of earlier hits like 'Take Your Mumma Out' and welcome in granny friendly piano ballads, cheesy slide guitar intro's and the sort of lyrics which will go down a bomb with your Magic FM loving parents. Lo' and behold it's the sound of Bee Gees getting the world's best reach around that polishes off the whole affair.

Maybe it was asking too much to expect the same sort of quality found on their earlier singles but come on, do we have to be subjected to this sub standard Elton John dross? Still, it'll land in the top ten like some giant musical cowpat for exactly those reasons. Come on Scissor Sisters, we know you can do better than this!

Released 4th Decemeber.