Dilated Peoples - Back Again

Clark Summers 20/02/2006

Rating: 3/5

I'll admit here and now that I'm certainly no Tim Westwood when it comes to hip hop (and I'd probably look rather preposterous wandering around Leicester talking about “the ghetto” while carrying my copy of “Vibe”). However despite this obvious drawback this latest offering from the Dilated Peoples is certainly one of the best things musically at any rate that I've heard from a hip hop act in a while (with the exception of Kanye West's pure pop masterpiece “Golddigger”). Over jerky beats and old skool soul samples B.E.P. re-stake out their territory at the top of the hip hop pile. Lyrically there's little to write home about but the simplistic and insanely catchy hook of the chorus is sure to find favour with DJ's across the land.