Gaggle - I Hear Flies

Richard Wink 02/03/2010

Rating: 4/5

An all girl alt-choir that kinda sounds like a Polyphonic Spree for the Skins generation; Gaggle on first look could be considered a novelty project. But think of the logistics, who would go to all this trouble to put together such a crew, over 20 strong? Even with the recent success of Glee, I've not seen a clamouring to put together a token act. So, this has to be serious doesn't it? That in itself scares me.

I know we're in the edgy Vale tudo generation of Youth Culture, where hoodies stick drawing pins into ice cream and force feed the dangerous desert to frail pensioners who have the audacity to tell them to turn the music down, but I wonder - is this the really the representative voice of young women in our fair nation?

Perhaps I think too much. 'I Hear Flies', which contains the hydra voiced audio assault of "I'm a drunk / drink gin / get thin / win win", is refreshing in that it is bluntly honest, and a simple appraisal of a generation gone wrong. The same applies to 'I like Cigarettes'.

With so many voices exploding all at once, Gaggle are a disorientating proposition, almost impossible to analyze, but vitally they are different.