Dan Sartain - Flight of the Finch/Besame Mucho

Matt Harrold 30/01/2007

Rating: 4/5

Dan Sartain saunters into town again, the sun beating down as he leaves his endless dust covered highway to rejoin us, here back in civilisation. Described as the punk re-incarnation of Elvis by some he owes as much to the likes of Johny Cash, rockabilly and late 50's 'El Paso' era Marty Robbins as he does the King of R'n'B. His unique blend of both past and present producing scalpel sharp slices of music that bleed Americana through every brooding syllable and tale.

Flight of the Finch' finds Sartain raw crooning the tale of the lone travelers whilst Mariachi horns compliment the mournful tone surrounding the song. Whilst Besame Mucho is as much the Spanish Senorita as the one he sings about, twirling and weaving it's magic over passionate romance and love affairs. It's as much a sign of his talent then it is his vocal abilities that he manages to sound worldly wise, as much as the old man sitting in his rocking chair telling his grand children about the great depression as the 24 year old troubadour from Alabama.

Released 29/01/07