Various - This is What The Universe Sounds Like: Vinyl Sampler 1

TC 12/03/2009

Rating: 3/5

In celebration of two years of survival (sign o' the times, eh? Ed.), Universal Vibes are releasing a three-track sampler on shiny round vinyl, including one brand new song and a couple of remixes of previous releases.

First up is the new track 'Here I Am' by Hungarian DJ Jaffa Surf. It's electronic house and has a neat groove that conjures up thoughts of summer breezes to melt away those snow drifts. It's the kind of music to lift your spirits, and boy do most of us need that!

The remixes have been perpetrated by label guvnor Paddy Freeform, under the guise of Soulsonix, and both have upgraded the original tracks to a bumpier ride. Young David's 'The Feeling' has a jazzy feel to it; a swirling journey that's maybe a tad too long, but the sort of tune to give you the opportunity to float off for a few minutes.

Last up is 'Standby' by The Onaz and it's the most upbeat of the three, apparently Nu Disco: it's got a grinding backbeat, a funky bass line, but a somewhat dreamy vibe to it; a fitting end to the trilogy.

Universal Vibes back catalogue is not massive but this is pretty much the type of material the label specialises in. It's not totally my cup of pina colada, but made me feel good all the same, so credit to Paddy for sticking to the task and our fellow DJs out there should check it out for sure.