Plastic Heroes - Escape to the Lower End

Alex Skinner 24/06/2008

Rating: 2.5/5

Now we take a journey with Plastic Heroes and their latest offering of new wave rock with a seasoning of French pop, and sprinkles of egotism (whilst trying to look cool). Throw some shades on and swagger whist bopping to the spiky guitars, biting bass lines and watertight drums although this could be tricky. After listening you realise there is nothing that jumps out at you until the last few songs, otherwise the monotony of an average album resonates.

This album is an acquired taste at best and leave you wondering who the target audience would be? The same people who enjoy the Kooky Kooks? Nay, that would be ridiculous. Especially when you slither in to the sleeve and realise they are way more intense than them. Whilst showing signs of a decent work in progress, this album seems to lack a killer edge.

The ramblings of Track 6 'Fame by proxy' utters a deconstruction of their idea's and seemingly doesn't fit the feel of the album. There's a good taste light at the end of the drab tunnel in 'Fifteen Years' and a quirky 'Whispering' which, I liked as it has an advert melody. So there Is hope.

Some tracks are a masculine testament to the god of cock rock prowess with rip roaring tunes like 'The Boy' where one of those harlot ladies chooses rock mixes. Would even go out on a limb and say a this is like a watered down, British pussy cat version of the Secret Machines. No I wouldn't. They have much to learn and develop yet as a debut album it's not to be sniffed at. The music seems to be layered and well put together but nothing to escape to the lower end for. A band to keep track of for the future then, but missing some je ne sais quoi.