Kate Nash - Merry Happy

Paul Cook 24/03/2008

Rating: 1/5

If you haven't already heard it on the radio or from another unfortunate source Kate Nash's latest single to be released is the instrumentally bland, vocally uninspiring Merry Happy. Consisting of about 4 or 5 piano notes, a handful of oohs, ahs, doos and dahs, Kate Nash really hasn't capitalised on the success of Foundations or Pumpkin Soup.

Merry Happy is easily one of the worst songs on the Made of Bricks album, simplifying every aspect of the music and featuring little actual singing. Rather, Nash simply talks the lyrics and then hums along with the overly simple instrumentals in the chorus. Quirky lyrics aside, there is absolutely nothing of merit on offer in Merry Happy and the song leaves you entirely disillusioned with the terms 'music' and 'singer.'

Released: 24th March 2008