In2ition - In2ition

Owain Paciuszko 20/05/2009

Rating: 2/5

The moody black-and-white cover art seems to suggest a minimal indie-rock band, so it comes as quite a shock when the country strum of How Can I Save You kicks in. It's a pretty decent opening track, lead singer Karen Black has a fine voice for this kind of music, that generally elevates the familiar feel of the instrumentation; though lyrically there's nothing particularly special going on here.

World Is In Reverse has, rather shockingly like another track I heard recently, a guitar-line that sounds exactly like some sort of day-time TV lifestyle programme. The song talks of the state of the world today with a lot of morals but a lack of passion, and comes across as rather trite and meaningless and ultimately it sounds rather futile. When Love Makes You Bleed falls into a similar trap, in approaching a subject that should be steeped in genuine feeling and emotion but sounding as passionate as a lecture on plankton.

There's nothing disastrously wrong with what's on offer here, there are plenty of bands performing lifeless songs about similar subjects, but there's nothing new being served up and the lack of connection with the lyrics just further highlights that.