Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - War Of The Worlds

Dan Round 19/11/2006

Rating: 4/5

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly's sole-solo man, Sam Duckworth, has arrived at just the right time. In the wake of the emo-lution with kids painted black, Duckworth's melancholic, whiny misery with eyeliner is well integrated to the current scene. On the other hand, he is just what Britain needed - a “proper” acoustic protester and intellect (not just “all style, no substance” etc.). As the Blair era draws to an end and our troops come under increasing scrutiny in Iraq and Afghanistan, Duckworth's anti-war cries and genuine politicised poetry commands respect when compared to the large majority of dumbed down, faux-intellect, underground political bands of 2006 (we're looking at you, F451). His target isn't then, blindingly and intently political, with Duckworth's metaphorical lyricism focussing on the “real journey” of relationships, entwined with subtle political imagery.

Unlike some of his more brash, basic, and poor quality acoustic attempts (some have a tendency to sound as if they were knocked out on the spot in an instant) War Of The Worlds is beautiful with plucking acoustics, sweepingly engaging French Horns, pumping Cornets and continuous Double Bass. Well produced and thoughtfully re-constructed, this new version of the song fits the tender lyricism well, and Duckworth's identifiable vocals (somewhere between Elliott Smith and Hundred Reason's Colin Doran) soar; gracefully crooning its way through the encapsulating tale he tells. Passionate and powerful, with its “too busy” hook-line, War Of The Worlds is an emphatic song by an artist with a lot to live up to, and a lot to prove.

(Released on November 27th)

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