The Wombats - Moving to New York

Duncan Bradley 20/01/2008

Rating: 3/5

I can't for the life of me interpret a sole moral or concept from this single. In all honesty, I wonder if these words have ever meant anything to anybody, if anybody did actually write this as it stands to be released, or if indeed, it took a collaboration of nihilistic lyrical idiots to orchestrate a kind of wordsmiths' competition constituting of some Blind Date-esque, lucky dip motions and culminating in a patchwork quilt of questionable prose. Alas, from a CD single and a loving couple of 7”s, we'll never know. But I'm not sure this matters -because it's bloody catchy.

Doubtless, the single won't last much more than a few weeks but we'll all know it through and through. You might think that you've not heard it. But I can guarantee that you were whistling the middle 8 whilst buttering your toast this morning.

Annoyingly, 'Moving to New York' isn't catchy in the British lager-lout sense either - no, somebody's actually put an amount of thought into the vocal patterns. Melodically speaking, it's been cleverly constructed which guitars, bass guitars, and even some fellow behind the drum kit. It's got several hallmarks of a good single but, unfortunately, what it hasn't got is depth. I've already stressed the poor lyrical… amalgamation, but that isn't where this track falls down. It's the generic nature and the assurance that runs with it that it shan't last.

However, 'Moving to New York' has earned its limited radio airtime and surely the record sales that come with it. The album, 'A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation', is out now.