Kids in Cars - Blimey, Crumbs!

Richard Wink 20/08/2009

Rating: 1/5

Wipe the sleep from your eyes and look outside the curtains, see the morning sun, watch the vehicles leave driveways; observe the mundane, embrace the everyday. Kids in Cars are the latest going nowhere fast indie rock band to land on your doorstep.

Yet another bunch of competent musicians, who appropriate the easy to play bits from Radiohead songs and Thom Yorke's absent, dispassionate vocals, combined with an appreciation of hip American indie rock (specifically Ben Gibbard related). 'Lord of the Land' is the sound of getting stuck in the doldrums, joyless and ponderous, it drips with apathy, and even the popgun finale of the song struggles to break from the abysmal melody.

'So it Goes' is familiar, you've heard it already, you've heard it all before, a middle of the road indie song that is kind of like The Maccabees, basically it's painting by numbers. I take it that the song title is a reference to Slaughterhouse-Five; the reference is as blatant an attempt of scoring hipster points as Josie Long hand stitching Kurt Vonnegut on one of her charity shop woolly jumpers. Yes, this music is quite studenty isn't it? Showing off rather then showing anything.

The third song from the EP 'Anything & Everything' meanders along, again we have a going through the motions song from an up and coming band that has achieved nothing, sadly I don't see any dare or risk. I don't hear any passion whatsoever; it is almost as if being in a band is enough for the members of Kids in Cars and that the music isn't really that important. A matter of fact appraisal would declare Blimey, Crumbs! as dull, loathsome forgettable tosh!

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