Grammatics - Shadow Committee

Miss Fliss 16/03/2009

Rating: 4/5

Changes and tangents aplenty run amok in Grammatics' new single. Stop-start punctuations, flamenco flirtations, sighing strings, dramatic rock operatics, romantic interludes, exuberant vocals, and thundering drums all jerk, spring, glide, howl, chime, echo and sprawl to make Shadow Committee swell into one hell of a unique pop proposition. Just when you get seduced by one section of the song, a new element is spliced which in turn entwines itself onto the next spiral of sound, and on and on. By the end, you feel like you've been spun in circles blindfold, whirled round to the sounds of half a dozen bands rather than the one. Put this song on repeat and adjust yourself for the wild ride. Nobody does song structure quite like Grammatics, putting them in a constellation all of their own.

Shadow Committee is out now, as is their eponymous debut album.

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