Jon Allen - Going Home

Matt Harrold 02/12/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

You've probably heard 'Going Home' already but not realised it, having been used on a Land Rover advert. You know, the one involving the gas guzzling Freelander 2 chasing the drop dead gorgous model in the ballon out into the middle of nowhere? No? Ah well, if your lucky enough to have ducked the crosshairs of the advertisers, then you've missed out on a charming song. Still now there's a chance of checking out song writing talent of Jon Allen, without the risk of sucking the Satan's scaled pecker.

Filled with 60's folksy acoustic guitar and a wistful melchancholy, 'Going Home' is a romanticised tale of being on the open road with the girl left waiting back at home. It's all gravely voiced - Nick Drake on cigerrettes style, and shoes worn thin from walking the wilds. Which makes the B'side 'Dead Man's Shoes' a surprise, as it swaps the acoustics for psychedelic tinged rock in the style of early Small Faces. Problem being that it sounds like it's been shoved through studio software and polished clean, where by it could have done with just a little roughness around the edges. Still it's an impressive release for a first single, and hints that there's bigger things for Allen around the corner.

Release date: 01/12/08