Unfinished Drawings - EP

Owain Paciuszko 12/02/2009

Rating: 4/5

With glitchy processed drums jostling with sweetly strummed guitar, mixed in with strings and lead singer Toby's vocals there's a sort of strange hybrid here of Turin Brakes and Animal Collective by way of Starsailor, the vocals sound very similar. Eloquently Forced is a lovely introduction to this five track though, it's scattershot pop with electronic sprinkles and though it's quite earnest it works.

This UK two-piece have filled this EP with laidback guitars and dream-like beats in a fashion akin to Morcheeba and, he says tentatively, Newton Faulkner (his cover of Teardrop isn't as bad as I first thought). Some of the tracks here though do drag and drift into 90s pop-tronica (is that a word?) territory, but never unbearably so. Verdana inparticular mixes nice bouncy synth with a epileptic drum-beat to great effect to come out as the EP's strongest track.

This is an interesting release, especially considering it comes from a two-piece 'acoustic' act and Unfinished Drawings definitely warrant a little of your time.