Joakim, !K7 Records - Lonely Hearts

Louise Evans 26/03/2007

Rating: 4/5

When he's not remixing for the likes of Air and Fischerspooner, Joakim Bouaziz creates his own version of electronic music incorporating influences from far and wide. Prior releases from his first two albums have given him a series of club hits, but for this second single from latest album 'Monsters & Silly Songs' he has aimed for a more pop infused sound.

However this is no traditional pop song. 'Lonely Hearts' is the Joakim interpretation of how a pop track should be - dark, sour but infinitely catchy. Joakim's almost monotone vocals add an extra bleakness to the already sad lyrics, which contrasts with the catchy electropop backing. Underpinned by a stomping drum beat, keyboards and bass combine to create a disco groove, particularly during the chorus when the infectious melody kicks in. The track is completed by a near onslaught of electronic beeps which indicates he hasn't quite forgotten his club background.

The Loving Hand remix by LCD Soundsystem's Tim Goldsworthy pulls the track back towards Joakim's original territory. With heavily distorted vocals and a more prominent bass line, this remix alters the entire feel of the track, removing the pop elements and mirroring the darkness of the lyrics in the music resulting in two very different versions each equally appealing.

Released: 19/03/2007