The Silent Type - Kneel

Alex Worsnip 17/07/2006

Rating: 4/5

Taken from potential album of the year 'Of Writing/Of Violence', 'Kneel' is an absolutely epic seven-and-a-half minute track that blends the glacial, pure post-rock of Sigur Ros with wide-eyed American indie vocals. The use of solo violin gives it the slight feel of Hope of the States are their more strung-out if they had a competent singer. It's a perfect soundtrack for lonely, lovelorn late nights, magical and desolate in equal measure. The album is full of equally brilliant cuts, and indeed it looks like frontman Nathan Altice positively bleeds great songs, as the B-side 'Stones, Knives and Curses' (which has come on miles since its acoustic roots on the Scarlet and Pure EP) has as much single potential as anything they've done, a gorgeous heartbreaker with big, crashing guitars, making this single an essential purchase for those acquainted with the band as well as those not.