White Light Parade - We Start Fires

TC 07/06/2009

Rating: 4/5

We Start Fires is the latest single from the Bradford quartet's debut album House Of Commons and, on the basis of this, one that will be well worth checking out.

It's hard driving, grungy punk which pounds along at a rapid pace, bringing back memories of the under appreciated Three Colours Red. Brothers Danny & Jono Yates riff away, ably swapping axe swipes and the result is a great anthemic pop song. It's maybe too commercial to gather too much critical anticipation on its own merits but, having heard a few tracks from the album, there are some harder hitting excursions therein.

Back up track here is Rebellion Call which features Itch from The King Blues and it's pure Clashesque reggae infused punk. It's neatly written and executed, with maybe an allusion towards The Alarm to soften the blow. The two tracks hint at a band with strong coercion, diversity in sound and a message to preach, so the album I shall indeed be checking out very soon.

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