The Courteeners - Acrylic

Dan Round 15/11/2007

Rating: 2.5/5

The Indie conveyer belt grinds on. Roll up Manchester's The Courteeners, given their chance to shine by independent Loog Records. The band received a certain amount of hype following their debut single 'Cavorting' so this second effort is the one that will either propel them to the front of the indie-boy pack or leave them stuck in limbo.

The song starts with a gritty, fast paced riff, with the guitars being joined by the rest of the band and vocalist Liam Fray's accented vocal. About a “libertine dream” (yeah, guess who they sound like) with a jingle-jangle verse and a chant-able chorus, “Acrylic” is simply another song churned out by that very conveyer belt; catchy indie rock with little in the way of substance lyrically or musically.

I'm sure 'Acrylic' will present The Courteeners with their time in the limelight, but it won't last. It also begs the question - why do we need bands like this aside from keeping the ailing NME alive for a short while longer?